The Blog:

SO, I have always enjoyed drawing, coloring. and crafts since I was a little girl. So much that I now enjoy many different creative hobbies. Some of my most recent hobbies have included digital art, knitting, crochet, sewing (quilting included), diamond painting and Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). I also love to play computer games to boot!! I am quite the nerd.

The purpose of this blog is to share my projects, inspiration, and process. Who doesn’t like to show off a little bit and share their frustrations! I hope to inspire others to be their best creative selves and enjoy the process of art and/or crafting.

About ME:

I have a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, with an Undergrad in Nuclear Engineering. Therefore, this is not what I do for a living. Crafts and Art, in general, has always been a hobby regardless of my skills. I have always enjoyed learning new things, and never really perfecting anything. Good thing that art is not really something you can master!